Saturday, March 04, 2006

"Remember to eat Maine potatoes!"

"So how cool was it to see Homer Simpson flash a "Remember to eat Maine potatoes" tattoo on a recent episode of the long-running cartoon series? Better yet, this was honest homage: The Maine Potato Board didn't know about it until after the program ran."

I would if I could, I honestly always looked for them (not those ones from Idaho!). It's so silly that I practically feel like crying right now because I can't eat Maine potatoes!

We eat a LOT of potatoes here; it's a huge part of the Estonian diet. I love them. And they're good, of course. But they are different -- they're more yellow than white.

But there's nothing like the food of home.

Lately I've been missing Oreos and Fluff.


P.S. That gives me an idea for my next tattoo!!


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