Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Christopher's Travel Plans

We are very excited that Chris will be attending the Salvation Army Battle School in Canada this summer!

We just booked his plane tickets, and his itinerary is below.

He will be in America 24-30 June (specifically, arriving in Boston on Fri. 23 June at 6:40 p.m.; flying out of Boston on Sat. 1 July at 1:25 p.m.).

We think that Mary-Kay will be in America beginning 29 June, if not earlier, so he will certainly want to be with her when she is around.

He'll be back in America 12-14 August (arriving in Boston Sat. 12 Aug. at 8:50 a.m.; flying out of Boston Tues. 15 Aug. at 6:05 p.m.).

Of course, August 14th is Andy's birthday, so I'm sure Chris will want to take part in any celebrations being planned for that day or the weekend!

So, please check your calendars and see when you'll be around.

He will need to be picked up and brought to the airport, need a place to stay, need to be fed, etc.

He is really looking forward to seeing everybody after a year and a half!

Please pray for him; this is a big trip to take alone.

If you're interested in more info on the Battle School, go to http://www.armybarmy.com/pdf/BattleSchool%20brief.pdf

Friday, 23 June
British Airways Flight 6079
2:05 PM Depart Helsinki
3:10 PM Arrive London

British Airways Flight 215
4:35 PM Depart London
6:40 PM Arrive Boston

Saturday, 1 July
United Flight 537
1:25 PM Depart Boston
3:04 PM Arrive Chicago

United Flight 1019
5:20 PM Depart Chicago
7:43 PM Arrive Vancouver

Friday, 11 August/Saturday, 12 August
Air Canada Flight156
10:40 PM Depart Vancouver
6:05 AM Arrive Toronto

Air Canada Flight 354
7:20 AM Depart Toronto
8:50 AM Arrive Boston

Tuesday, 15 August/Wednesday, 16 August
British Airways Flight 212
6:05 PM Depart Boston
5:15 AM Arrive London

British Airways Flight 6036
7:30 AM Depart London
12:25 PM Arrive Helsinki


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