Monday, June 26, 2006

a letter from my mother (this is a contest!)

When Elizabeth was unpacking in Tallinn, she came across a notebook that was mostly blank. But it included an undated letter that my mother had written to Mary-Kay.

First person who correctly guesses the year, with substantiating evidence, is the winner!

So here are excerpts of the letter:

We've had fog & rain off & on for 5 weeks, hard to believe it's June. When it clears a bit, I run around doing flower things & Dick mows the lawn & paints a bit (he's painting the house outside, has started on the back, where the sunroom is) & then the fog comes back or worse yet, the rain.

We have beautiful rhodendrons & all kinds of flowers I can't identify, have made the mistake of pulling up what I tho't was weeds & then found out they were a rare flower, ugh!

Had a good talk w/John's doctor. He is amazed at how well he is doing; when he first saw John, he was almost catatonic & of course now he's ... going to all the activities at Brentwood Manor.

I think I told you I had him examined so he could go back on solid foods & liquids, & that now he eats everything in sight! He calls our house his second home & loves to be here. We used to take him out to a restaurant every week, but he actually loves just being here & will ask to come here instead.


Gloria & I went to Home League. We are going to try to go as often as we can. Mrs. Fisher was surprised to have 13 when she restarted it on Thurs. @ 6 pm.


Before I forget -- We will be having a get together August 8th, so don't make plans. Camp meetings are on, but we'll have a cook-out (or in) & invite the Henrys etc. Is there anyone you'd want to come? We'll plan it for noontime.

And the letter ends without being signed. And obviously wasn't mailed. But as I sit here in Estonia this June, I feel quite emotional picturing my mother sitting down to write this letter during a June that now seems so long ago.

If you need more clues that weren't included in this excerpt, or better yet if you think you have the right answer, e-mail me:



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