Monday, August 21, 2006

Holiday Grand Plan begins on Sunday!

It's a Grand Plan for Christmas organizing: an 18-week plan to clean and organize the entire home for the holiday season. Welcome to the Holiday Grand Plan!
Written by Katie Leckey with contributions from the Prodigy Homelife Get O group in 1992-1993, the Holiday Grand Plan is the Web's oldest online Christmas holiday planner. By breaking down all the tasks needed to clean and organize the house and prepare for the holidays, you'll reach the season calm and centered and ready to celebrate.
Holiday Grand Plan 2006 begins on Sunday, August 27, and continues throughout the holiday season. Based on Katie's companion Spring Cleaning Grand Plan, the Holiday Grand Plan combines holiday prep, home organizing and cleaning components.
Browse the plan calendar to learn more about the Plan. Check out the forms page for free printable calendars, holiday planner forms and checklists.
Want to find other HGP-ers? Subscribe to the Yahoo! Holiday Grand Plan mailing list. Together, we'll get organized for the best, most stress-free holiday season ever!


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