Tuesday, November 14, 2006

please pray for Tim's parents

Tim's father is in the hospital. Apparently he woke up early this morning and made his way to the bathroom. While there, he began to feel light-headed so grabbed the sink for support, but ended up fainting and falling into the bathtub. He has two pretty good bumps on his head, but apparently didn't need stitches. They spent the day in the Emergency Room having blood work, CAT scans, etc. Finally, they admitted him for observation. The only thing they told them they found so far was that his blood pressure was 188, and he's on medication which usually keeps it down. Hopefully they'll have more answers tomorrow.

Tim's mother is scheduled for a procedure on Wed. and has to begin her prep tomorrow afternoon. She's been having terrible problems for many months, and has waited a long time for this so doesn't want to cancel. Hopefully day will go home tomorrow - if not, she'll have more people drive her back and forth to get everything done.


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