Wednesday, December 20, 2006

To receive their gifts, the children had to recite a poem or sing a song for Grandfather Frost. Here, Oksana happily obliges. The corps provided the gifts for the 35 children who regularly attend the lastekeskus. They were new toys that had been donated from England, so we were very grateful because we have limited resources to purchase gifts for the children.
Christopher even had to recite a poem for Grandfather Frost before he received a gift!
After the gifts, the children had some wonderful party food. The director said to Tim, "At least this one day we will make sure that they eat well." Most of the children from the lastekeskus come from troubled families, and so this is a safer place for them to be before or after school. The lastekeskus provides a place for them to do homework (with help, if needed), play games with friends, have a shower and even get a meal, as the center gives those who really need it a voucher to go to the restaurant which is in the same building and have small meal.
Evelyn enjoying the party.
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