Thursday, March 22, 2007

Start Loving

Please pray for my dear brother Jay, who is doing what most of us only dream of. Pray that God's will is done in Jay's life, as well as in the world (particularly Darfur at this moment!).

"Forgive us ... as we forgive."

"Deliver us from evil!!!"



Blogger Start Loving said...

My Dear Heart,

Unless that "ram" you spoke of comes along the End of May will be a bit too late. By the way, whatever our Father wants I am overflowing with Joy to do. This is Heaven on Earth.

As God is my witness, the blog you've now seen ( IS DIVINE REVELATION. IT IS OUR FATHER SPEAKING THROUGH ME. IT IS EVERYTHING THAT I KNOW. Created with my fingers and our Father's Gifts over the last 2 months it would have saved me 30 years of time wasted finding the path if others had created it for me - time I could better have used in Saving the world.

My point? We can meet at the Edgemont any time we want to! Right on that blog. Please hear me dearest sister. The world depends on it. I pray to God that you spend time with it - hours, days, months, years as our Father leads you.

Love forever, your brother, Start Loving

Thursday, March 22, 2007 11:14:00 PM  

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