Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pictures of the day--7 October

During Junior Soldier camp, one of the nice things we discovered about our camp at Loksa is that it abounds with berries. There are red and white raspberries, blackcurrant, gooseberry and several others whose names I'm not sure of. During free time, many of us would go out in the yard and pick cups full of berries. Here are a bunch of us gathering blueberries.

Peter wasn't such a big fan of picking the berries, but he sure loved eating them once they were picked!

During one evening program, Elizabeth was a hairdresser who didn't do such a good job on Chris and Tanel.

One wonderful scene every evening was when Andrus, our translator and right hand man, would sit in the hallway and tell Bible stories to the children. This hadn't been planned in advance, but he just decided to do it one night and the kids loved it, so it became part of the evening routine.
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