Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Tim's Birthday

Today is my birthday (Tim), and it was a marvelous day full of flowers, many greetings, thoughtful gifts, delicious meals and time spent with friends. (I also did work at the corps, but that wasn't quiet as exciting.)

From the time I came into the office I was greeted with flowers and wishes of palju ├Ánne. At lunch time, Sirje and some of the volunteers treated us to a delicious lunch and cake. In the evening, I was joined by many of the young people from my old teen group--now a young adult group! It was fun spending time together eating pizza, vahukoor kringle and chocolate stritsel. We had a great game of Phase 10, and I actually won in the last minute!

It was a really meaningful way to spend my birthday, and a wonderful reminder of how blessed I am. I am so grateful to Evelyn for planning such a great day!

Here are some pictures. For more, you can see my Facebook page here.


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