Wednesday, April 19, 2006

More about Easter

Tim forgot the most important things about Easter dinner!
a can of cranberry sauce, left over from Mary-Kay's visit at Christmas
ginger ale, drunk from the goblets MK gave us for our wedding
chocolate cream pie, also with ingredients MK brought

While there is lots of candy and goodies here, we really miss the traditional American Easter candy:
jelly beans
big chocolate bunnies
Whoppers eggs
Cadbury eggs

But we have some Halloween peeps that Tim's parents sent and we had saved! Also a white chocolate bunny! And fruit snacks and gummy bears from Tom & Vicki stand in for jelly beans quite nicely.

We also played an Estonian Easter game. Everyone took an Easter egg, chosen with eyes closed. Then we turned to a partner and smashed our eggs together. The one whose egg shell didn't break was the winner!

We went to our friends' house (Patricia, Jason, and son Issac) on Good Friday morning and colored hard-boiled eggs with them and two other families. The other little boys were Lauri, whose mother is British and father is Estonian, and Jaan, whose mother is German and father is Estonian.

We also had fun decorating some eggs at home just using markers. We got some eggs while we were in Finland last month. Click here to see them; it's reallly remarkable!



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