Wednesday, July 05, 2006

shared with permission!

Credo #6 Betsy Parsons
I believe that we are here for love, wonder and gratitude - for ourselves, for each other, for our mother the earth, and for the mystery of the universe. I believe that most of what is real is unseen.
Science tells us that the earth is ringing like a bell. Our spirits recognize the music emanating also from the core of ourselves, and religions acknowledge this singing of soul and source together as sacred.
I believe that this harmony began before our souls were embodied on earth, sustains us throughout our lives, and continues after our bodies return to the earth. Death is a soul-passage which invites us to learn more about a new dimension of making this music with our source.
I believe that peace comes from being in tune with the Infinite Spirit. We can choose actions that heal the earth, restore souls, nurture growth, and create peace. When we cannot hear the music of the spheres or see people's suffering, we can make choices that damage and destroy. All people make choices of both kinds.
I believe that at any time in our lives, alone or in community, we have access to transforming experiences of the divine. I believe in soul-truths expressed through ecstatic visions and numinous experiences that cannot be rationally explained.
I believe that the Spirit of Infinite Love sings to us both directly and indirectly, through our breathing… through our hopes and dreams… through other humans, animals both domestic and wild, plants, stones… through wind and water… indeed through all of creation. I believe that this singing never stops, whether we can hear it or not.
I believe in the preciousness and equality of every soul. When we find our own courage in seeking justice for all, practicing compassion, and claiming our fullest selves, we give heart to others and keep faith with our source.
Finally, I believe that curiosity and gratitude keep us open to wonder and awe, and thus to the call of the Spirit which gives us our song and asks us to sing it.


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