Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lastekeskus Party

Today we were a part of the party for the children at the Army's Lasnamäe Lastekeskus (children's center). We have been going there every Thursday to do games with the children, share a devotional and just get to know the kids, so it was nice to spend time with them in a party atmosphere. We have come to know the children quite well, and are considering expanding our role there. Please pray for us as we think about what we should be doing there.
What Tim usually does when we go to the lastekeskus is play games, so he lead some Christmas themed games. Here the children are looking at Christmas trees they made by ripping paper that they held behind their back without looking.
In another game, the kids had to sit in a circle around the tree and pass a wrapped package while music played. When the music stopped, they could unwrap the gift--but there were many layers of paper and the person could only unwrap one. The one who unwrapped the last layer got to keep the gift.
The children who attend the lastekeskus are all Russian-speaking, making them a minority group in Estonia. So rather than being visited by an American Santa Clause or Estonian Jõluvana, they were visited by the Russian equivalent: Grandfather Frost. He was absolutely wonderful, leading the children in songs, having them hold hands and circle the Christmas tree and asking them questions about Christmas.
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