Friday, January 22, 2010

makes me sad to read this
There has been a great deal of confusion and
even some debate regarding The Salvation
Army’s position on abortion. After all, The
Salvation Army is in the “Dishonorable Mention”
section of The Boycott List because it “defends
abortion in cases of rape, incest, fetal deformity, etc.”
Pro-life activists who contact The Salvation Army
regarding its position are asked to read its official statement,
which is reprinted here in full:
The Salvation Army believes in the sanctity of all human life and
considers each person to be of infinite value and each life a gift
from God to be cherished, nurtured and redeemed. Human life is
sacred because it is made in the image of God and has an eternal
destiny. (Genesis 1:27) Sacredness is not conferred, nor can it be
taken away by human agreement.
The Salvation Army deplores society’s ready acceptance of abortion,
which reflects insufficient concern for vulnerable persons, including
the unborn. (Psalms 82:3-4)
The Salvation Army holds to the Christian ideals of chastity before
marriage and fidelity within the marriage relationship and, consistent
with these ideals, supports measures to prevent crisis pregnancies.
It is opposed to abortion as a means of birth control, family
planning, sex selection or for any reason of mere convenience
to avoid the responsibility for conception. Therefore, when an unwanted
pregnancy occurs, The Salvation Army advises that the
situation be accepted and that the pregnancy be carried to term,
and offers supportive help and assistance with planning.
The Salvation Army recognizes tragic and perplexing circumstances
that require difficult decisions regarding a pregnancy. Such
decisions should be made only after prayerful and thoughtful consideration,
with appropriate involvement of the woman’s family
and pastoral, medical and other counsel. A woman in these circumstances
needs acceptance, love and compassion.
When an abortion has taken place, The Salvation Army will continue
to show love and compassion and to offer its services and
fellowship to those involved.
In May 2007, Der Bund, a regional newspaper in Berne,
Switzerland,published an interview with SalvationArmy
General Shaw Clifton. One of the questions asked by
the newspaper regarded abortion:
Der Bund: You involve yourselves with questions such as abortion.
I am assuming that The Salvation Army is against it?
Clifton: That’s too simple. We are not as conservative as our catholic
brothers and sisters. There are situations in which abortion is
the lesser evil, for instance in cases of severe deformities of the
fetus, [or] rape. We try to support women who find themselves in
this situation and to be loyal to them, even if they make decisions
that we ourselves might not have made.


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