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Making Missionary Prayer a Habit

Your prayers sustain missionaries.
One practical way to approach praying for your missionaries is to devote each day of the week to a specific area of their lives. Aim for six days a week. If you manage seven, you’ll feel the satisfaction of going beyond your goal.

• Monday: Inner life and growth. For spiritual disciplines. For confidence in God’s sovereignty when things go wrong. For God’s mighty touch in relieving stress.
• Tuesday: Relationships. With their partner and children, with coworkers, with unbelievers, and with authorities in the country.
• Wednesday: Special needs in a foreign culture. Mastering the language. Defense against loneliness, homesickness, frustration. Insights into how to communicate the truth. God’s sovereign working in government decisions and politics.
• Thursday: Ministry. For Christ to be manifested through their lives day by day. For God to empower them for their work. For His blessing on their evangelism, discipling, and church responsibilities. For their specific area of service.
• Friday: The nitty-gritty. Physical health. Financial provision. Coping with red tape. Wise use of time. For strength and faith in trials. That they will take adequate time for exercise, relaxation, sports, hobbies, vacation.
• Saturday: Victory. Against Satan as he seeks to keep people blinded to the gospel and thwart the growth of believers.

Praying for missions is not a fringe activity from God’s point of view. By
praying you can play a major role in God’s great purposes. Prayer gives you the
opportunity to make a vast difference in this world. Your prayers are vital.

—Ruth Myers, condensed from World Disciple (winter 1994).