Saturday, March 05, 2011

Peter's birthday

Peter had 7 kids at his 7th birthday party:
Peter (of course!)
Sarah Green
Daiken Bell
Sashenka Gudkov
Jaan Gudkov
Tina Churchill
Mark Churchill

Mama & Daddy were happy to have 7 "big kids" at the party:
Chris ("Bubbie") Clark & his fiancee Jenny Stumpfel
Elizabeth ("Sissie") Clark
Vicky Green
Melodi Bell
Auntie Mary-Kay & Uncle Sasha Gudkov

Peter's 7th Birthday

We had Peter's 7th birthday party at the Maine Discovery Museum. He had cake, Red Socks ice cream, presents and, best of all, his friends. Everyone had a great time at the party, and exploring the museum afterward.

Peter's birthday cake. We had to put a battery powered candle on the cake because the museum wouldn't allow real candles.

Peter opens a birthday card while Sasha looks on.

Peter and his best friend Daiken pretend to ride a Vespa at the Children's Museum.

During the party, Peter's guests got to record two songs on a video for him to take home. They sang the Happy Birthday song and the ABC Song.